A Tale of Two Web Development Companies:
I’ve had in-depth experience/conversation with a couple owners of tech companies who outsource off-shore.

Company 1: the owner doesn’t have much clue as to what goes into a website beyond the marketing aspects. Instead, he outsources to the Philippines. He doesn’t know that his own “custom” theme is a child theme off a framework. He doesn’t know that the outsource folks provide lousy support. He doesn’t know that his outsource folks don’t know how to code, they are only WordPress click developers. And, he doesn’t know what clients are saying about the results.

Company 2: outsources to India. The company owner has a programming background. The owner goes to India and meets personally with the developers to make sure they clearly understand – and follow – project specs. I’m sure their clients have much more satisfaction with the end results.

– Nora McDougal, The Computer Gal