Full-Time Instructor – Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Bozeman, MT

MTCS is currently seeking an experienced JavaScript developer to lead our full-time program in Bozeman. Our full-time program is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 to 9 pm and 1 immersive weekend a month. The Part-time program runs from January 10 to June 25, 2017. The instructor we are looking for must be a skilled developer with experience working within highly functional teams. The part-time instructor will be leading an intensive web development boot camp to:

●  Support our initiative, which is helping lifelong learners achieve their dreams of launching successful/meaningful careers in software dev.

●  Work in sync with other co-instructors to guide students through the course.

●  Dedicate yourself to becoming a better leader through mentoring of fellow peers.

●  Be the driving force behind the students as they identify their passions and excel through the curriculum.

●  Play a major role in establishing a safe and challenging learning environment to accommodate for students with a vast spectrum of abilities and learning styles.

What we teach:

●  HTML/ CSS/ jQuery/ JavaScript

●  FullStack JavaScript

●  NoSQL/ SQL databases

●  Agile Methodologies
Montana Code School (MTCS) is a statewide initiative dedicated to training the state’s next generation of junior developers with 2017 classes being held in Missoula and Bozeman. We offer intensive, full-time and part-time coding boot camp programs designed to produce highly employable software developers ready to hit the ground running in Montana’s thriving community of startups and tech businesses.

MTCS is a life-changing and educational experience, dedicated to giving students the tools to become successful web developers. MTCS does more than just provide a skills training program for our students. We focus on developing soft skills such as effective communication skills around technical and non-technical topics, teamwork, and collaboration.

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