The Montana Code School can take you from 0 to Hero (in coding)

The Montana Code School provides an opportunity to begin a new career or to get better at your current one. Our instructors and staff work hard to ensure success for every student. We take the time to help students individually.  We educate our students to be the better than the average employee. We foster a passion for coding, good practices, and workflow in every student. We develop our students to be more than just programmers, they go on to become executives, designers, developers and more. Our graduates bring innovation, fresh eyes and an eagerness to work and to develop as employees in the tech field.

Montana Code School gives its graduates more than an education. Completing either our full-time immersive course or the part-time course gives our students confidence get started in the tech industry. We help our students develop their own online personalities. They workshop resumés together to compose the best and most fitting, engage in mock interviews and have business leaders pose real problems to our classes. Working with the University of Montana, we also provide a career advisor, who helps our students plan for after graduation. Joining the Montana Code School is an opportunity to strengthen current skills or learn new ones.


Employment rate after completing an MTCS immersive course

Where our Grads have gone to.


Brian Bauer

Web Developer

Juniper Emnett

Web Developer

Beth Thomas

Software Sales & Business Development / Web Developer

John Seyfert

Senior Agent Developer

Edward Weymouth

Junior Developer

Travis Jette

Web Developer

Suzie Reahard

Web Developer

Jonathan Longden

Data Integration Specialist

Mike Hohne

Web Developer

Shawn Farnum

Web Developer

Chalice Stevens

Web Developer

Mark Trepanier

Web Developer

Lauren Nichols

Implementation Consultant

Christine Folz

QA Analyst / Automation Engineer

Trevor Finsaas

Rails Developer

Jesse Sindler

Web Developer

Zach Falen

Web Developer

Kelly Nash

Admissions Manager

Amita Patel Greer

Executive Director

Luke Walawander

Ad Ops Trafficker

Soren Thompson

Ad Ops Trafficker

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The Montana Code School has courses and workshops to turn anyone into a highly employable full-stack Jr. Web Developer.

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