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Montana Code School students and graduates are the next level of full-stack developers. Able to bring new insight and inspire greater ideas for the companies that hire them. Join the winning team today.

Our instructors and staff work hard to ensure success for every student. We take the time to help students individually.  We educate our students to be the better than the average employee. We foster a passion for coding, good practices, and workflow in every student. Our students learn skills to be more than just programmers, they go on to become executives, designers, developers and more. Our graduates bring innovation, fresh eyes and an eagerness to work and to develop as employees in the tech field.

Featured Students

Edward Weymouth

Edward Weymouth

Software Develper at Cedar Mountain - Missoula Fall 2015 Graduate

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“I love learning new things.  There was school, which I easily could have stayed in eternally, but life is more fun.  Drama class was the start in high school and writing.  I took that to college.  Wrote a pretty solid paper in old English and did a few plays, but decided I didn’t want to wait tables for a living and found a really amazing group of people tracking turtles through the swamp.  Got an English degree anyway — wanted to be a writer — so I got a job in construction. After that, things got crazy for awhile.  Spun around, found some other really amazing people that wanted to rebuild Detroit, feed the world, do all sorts of things that made no sense.  Did that for a time. I met Emmy, we got married, had a baby. Emmy and I moved out west after being deeply dug into the resurgence of small farms and startups happening around Ann Arbor, MI.  We drove to Missoula with our 1-year-old, sometimes happy, calm and peaceful; other times a total nightmare that we were not prepared for in the least. So Missoula was a fun place to live and we searched around for awhile.  Start a hop farm? Start a farm farm?  Get a job.  Taught massage, worked construction for awhile, cooked in kitchens, struggled a bit.  Then I heard about the code school. For most my life I had resisted being a coder, computer guy, stuck inside all day, staring at a screen, so I thought let’s do it! Code school was hard, my daughter turning 3 then 4 and actually wanting to play with me, my time was precious, but I was searching for something.  So I kept at it.  Finished the 3 months, found a job and found the world that exists in coding.  The deep pool of resources, always growing, changing: a neverending stream of knowledge.   It was a busy, chaotic marketplace full of ideas, where people shared everything, where students were teachers and teachers become their creations. It felt like a jungle, like the last wild place on earth. It was fun and exciting. Oh and hell, I got a new job where I didn’t have to pound nails all day, definite plus. Now I’m working on a community, a local community of coding enthusiasts. Because we are not ourselves, we are an extension of the people around us, we gather strength from them, we learn from them and I love learning new things.”

Tressa Croaker

Tressa Croaker

Developer at Elixiter - Bozeman Fall 2016 Graduate

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“In short time Montana Code School’s instruction vaulted me from someone with little coding background to a person who now works as a developer for one of Bozeman’s most exciting start-ups. I can’t say enough about – and couldn’t have done it without – the professional faculty and generous support provided to each student. I would highly recommend Montana Code School to anyone looking to hone their existing code skills or learn coding from square one!”


Lauren Nichols

Lauren Nichols

Developer at ATG - Missoula Spring 2016 Graduate

Email Laura here: or here: .

“Prior to joining the Montana Code School, I had been struggling to lead the life I wanted whilst working in the service industry of Missoula, MT. While my work experience provided great insight into human resources, business planning and leadership roles, I had hit my ceiling with no further room to progress professionally. Upon learning about what the MTCS had to offer, I was eager to begin an entirely new chapter of my life. My time spent at MTCS provided me with the fundamental building blocks into the world of web development. I was challenged with new patterns of logical processes that stimulated me in a far greater capacity than my current managerial role.

Since completion of the program, I am currently employed at ATG as a Quote-to-Cash Implementation Consultant, (a nice way of stating that I am a professional software integration and configuration specialist) in Missoula, MT. My acquired knowledge from the MTCS has proved itself tenfold in my current role, allowing me access to opportunities that wouldn’t be provided without my programming background. I am ecstatic to continue my career in enterprise software and web development, and am forever grateful for making the leap to change my career and ultimately my life.”


Mike Hohne

Mike Hohne

Software Developer at PFL - Summer Bozeman 2016 Graduate

Email Mike here:

“When I first heard of Montana Code School I had no clue what to expect. Having little code experience it was a bit daunting to have to immerse myself into a 9 – 5 code school. From the first day I stepped into the classroom it was off to the races and I had little time to worry about my lack of coding knowledge. It was, learn, build, learn, build, learn and build. I was amazed how much I was learning and how fast I was learning the material. Our instructor and TA were awesome and they were always looking for ways to help us. The curriculum for MTCS is laid out nicely and you know what to expect every day you head into class.

After graduating from MTCS I pleasantly found myself with multiple interviews and took my first developer job at Printing For Less in Li. Montana Code School was a fantastic experience and if you want to learn code in Montana, Montana Code School is the only choice.”


MTCS gives graduates more than an education.

Completing either our full-time immersive course or the part-time course gives our students confidence to get started in the tech industry. We help our students develop their own online personalities. They workshop resumés, engage in mock interviews and learn great teamwork principles. Joining the Montana Code School is an opportunity to strengthen current skills or learn new ones.


Employment rate after completing an MTCS course

“Prior to joining the community at the Montana Code School, I had been surviving via working in the service industry in Missoula, MT.  While my work experience provided great insight into human resources and leadership roles, I had hit the ceiling with no further room to grow.  Upon learning about what the Code School had to offer, I was eager to begin an entirely new chapter.  My time spent during the second cohort at MTCS (Missoula, MT), provided me with the fundamental building blocks into the world of web development.  I was challenged with new patterns of logical processes that stimulated me in ways that had not been present for quite a while.  I truly felt a new door opening with a multitude of possibilities awaiting me in the tech market. Upon successfully graduating the program, I was selected to assist with the inaugural MTCS cohort in Bozeman, MT.  I was fortunate enough to continue to enhance my leadership abilities, by providing day-to-day assistance for our newest students.  This in turn allowed to me to further my knowledge of the program and find the appropriate resources for the success of the cohort.  My time spent with the Montana Code School has been nothing short of valuable and life changing.  I am eager to see what the future holds for our students, as well as the industry eagerly awaiting our graduates.”

Lauren Nichols

Implementation Consultant, ATG

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intro to JavaScript weekend boot camp. It not only helped give me insight into some basics of JavaScript but it helped give me the confidence I was looking for in that I can learn to code and that I would enjoy taking on this skillset! The environment was a fun and safe learning atmosphere that enabled group learning which I received so much benefit from that I want to implement the mob approach into more of our team learning at work! Thank you again for the awesome weekend, I look forward to working with Montana Code School more!”

Christina Lewis

QA Manager, Schedulicity Inc.

“Code School is the way to go! I couldn’t imagine trying to learn these skills any other way. It’s completely immersive, i found myself dreaming about code at night. Best piece of advice I could give is to hand yourself over to the process and don’t gauge yourself against your peers (everyone learns at a different pace).”

Shawn Farnum

Software Development Intern, Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply

“Montana Code School was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend MTCS because of how immerse the course was along with the great instructors and job preparation. Seeing my skill level increase week by week was unbelievably satisfying. Be prepared to eat, sleep and breath coding for 12 weeks!”

Mike Hohne

Software Developer, Printing For Less

Where our Grads have gone.

Brian Bauer

Web Developer

Juniper Emnett

Web Developer

Beth Thomas, Shawn Farnum and Chalice Stevens

Software Sales & Business Development / Web Developer

John Seyfert

Senior Agent Developer

Edward Weymouth

and David White

Web Developers

Suzie Reahard

Web Developer

Jonathan Longden

Data Integration Specialist

Mark Trepanier

Web Developer

Travis Jette

Web Developer

Mike Hohne

Web Developer

Christine Folz and

Lauren Nichols

QA Analyst / Automation Engineer

Implementation Consultant

Trevor Finsaas

Rails Developer

Zach Falen and Jesse Sindler

Web Developer

Davis Logan

Marketing Manager

Luke Walawander and Soren Thompson

Ad Ops Trafficker

Soren Thompson

Ad Ops Trafficker

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