A team from this recent 12 week program at the Montana Code School created a website Minimum Viable Product called Tap Track. This website offers value by connecting beer drinking enthusiasts to breweries and beers that other enthusiasts have rated. Users can find local breweries with the beers that they offer and information on each beer such as the type, ABV, and IBU. For breweries with a large selection, users can narrow the beers they see by their favorite types of brews. Site users can rate each beer so everyone can have a good idea as to the quality of each beer, it even included nice pictures of each beer so everyone can see how spectacularly the drinks are served (along with the color).

This MVP is fantastic because it introduces what the site is meant to do without having to add in all the features that a full finished product would have. It can build up hype for a full featured site, as well as measure how much interest there is for the product.

The site is predominately coded in CSS which dictates how the site looks and is formatted, it is a relatively easy language to learn but is necessary for an aesthetically pleasing site. The features and functions of the site are coded in through JavaScript, a more difficult language that is really important for web design since it controls how users get to use and navigate the site. The skills learned at the Montana Code School really shine through in MVPs like this, it’s no surprise that the people that attended the presentation were so impressed!