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Missoula Montana is home to the MTCS Headquarters, located in the MonTEC building. MonTEC is a high-growth, technology-focused business incubator that is building a community of high growth enterprises on the Clark Fork River by connecting people and linking them with support services to help get their venture on the right track and the proud home of the Montana Code School. Our classroom is situated amongst many other startups, so you will get the experience of working around and with other tech startups.

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Missoula Campus Full-time Instructor: Edward Weymouth

Graduating from Montana Code School in the inaugural class of 2015, I found employment in the Missoula community and work in the industry for 2 years.  It was a great learning experience and during that time the local community seemed to need a gathering point and I needed to practice.  Almost every Monday for the past two years I hosted a gathering of coders and learners at various coffee houses and venues.  Helping people learn and growing the coding community gave me insight into what I needed to learn and how I could help people learn to code.Building and problem solving was a great experience and I’ve kept that alive through small projects and freelance opportunities, but now my focus has shifted to a full-time teaching experience.

In my spare time, I read as much as possible, write a page a day and spend time playing trains and dolls with my 6-year-old.  She loves dancing and ballet and challenges all of my preconceptions of self every day. Besides coding and the kiddo, Rock climbing is a new thing that’s turned into a passion. You can find me over at Freestone on the early days they are open.  Hiking and biking are always fun and hunting and fishing are in practice mode, but still super fun.

Missoula Campus Part-time Instructor: Austin Slominksi

Austin Slominski is a web developer and creative coder. As a graduate of the University of Montana, he spent his time there studying visual art and sound design, through which he found an unexpected opportunity to focus solely on programming. He has previously worked as a web developer for UM’s College of Humanities and Sciences, and after being employed there for five years, he began working as a freelance full-stack developer. He has spent the last decade exploring programming in one form or another, and is now focused on using technology to better explain things that amaze him, which has brought him to Montana Code School.

Start Up Companies in Missoula

The Montana Code School has become a part of the rising tech industry in Montana. Becoming a part of the Montana Code School will give you access and networking opportunities among the numerous start-up businesses here in Montana. We strive to build a greater community while also training employees and new students to become viable parts of the startup tech businesses here.


Submittable is a web platform that makes it easy to accept, review, and manage manuscripts, films, audio, applications, and entries. A Y-Combinator graduate, Submittable is trusted by over 8,500 companies and growing fast.


Goomzee connects real estate buyers and sellers in a rich mobile environment. They are trusted by more Realtor Associations and MLS’s than any other dedicated mobile solution provider, and operate in 49 states.


TOMIS is a SaaS platform for the Tour Operator Industry. Stay current and up to date using their sleek software and booking processes.

Audience Awards

The Audience Awards is film’s social network – hosting online competitions where the audience chooses the winners. They connect audiences to filmmakers, film festivals, films schools and businesses, and provide businesses quality video content and deep brand engagement.


onXmaps creates current and accurate land ownership maps for GPS systems and mobile devices. Their ‘Hunt’ and ‘Roam’ platforms give outdoors enthusiasts a reliable way to monitor their location in the field and plan ahead.


Workiva is a modern productivity suite that integrates risk and compliance work into a single, easy-to-use, real-time platform. They have more than 900 people employed at offices in 15 cities.



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