Coding is a lifelong learning process, even for seasoned pros. But most coders have a secret weapon in their back pockets– a go-to set of coding resources. These will keep skills sharp and on the cutting edge of this fast-paced industry. Learn to code with the coding tools we love to use.

We asked some of those coders, as well as our own Montana Code School students, what their favorite resources are, online and offline. These can be a great supplement to your own coding journey, whether you just decided to learn to code or you’ve been in the industry for a while. Check out some of our favorite coding resources to stay on top of your game.

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Resource #1: Stack Overflow

Medium: Website
Specialization: Forum and jobs board
Description: Stack Overflow is an online community for developers, whether they’re learning or top experts in their field.

Why we like it: Nearly every coder you meet will say Stack Overflow is one of their favorite resources for coding. Users can ask and answer questions from fellow developers, tapping into an expanse of knowledge to troubleshoot projects or find new solutions or old questions. The website also hosts one of the most trusted job boards for developers on the web.


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Resource #2: Hanselminutes

Medium: Podcasts and blog
Specialization: Instruction and news
Description: Scott Hanselman has written a blog for more than a decade and hosted a podcast for about half that time. He focuses on bringing fresh voices and fresh tech to his weekly show and hosts two other podcasts on occasion.

Why we like it: Scott Hanselman’s years of experience and dedication to teaching make his podcast accessible to all levels of coders. He goes out of his way to find new and interesting voices to feature on his show. As a programmer with Microsoft and a professor, Scott has a diverse range of experiences and unique voice that he brings to his show. Some of our code school students also enjoy CodeNewbie Podcast, especially with the long drives that often accompany living in Montana.


Resource #3:

Medium: Website, videos, instructional courses
Specialization: Coding instruction
Description: The non-profit freeCodeCamp offers free online coding classes, as well as a community forum, Medium publications, and videos to make coding accessible to anyone.

Why we like it: With a hefty online library of free courses and instructional videos, freeCodeCamp is an essential tool in any new coder’s back pocket. With accessible instructional courses in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more. Beginners can get their start for free before committing to a boot camp like those offered at Montana Code School. Our students cited freeCodeCamp as one of their favorite resources in their journeys to learn to code.


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Resource #4: “Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions

Medium: Book
Specialization: Tips for landing a dev position
Description: Gayle Laakmann McDowell’s book gives detailed answers to help job applicants ace that developer interview.

Why we like it: As code school students near the end of their instruction, it’s time to start looking for jobs. “Cracking the Coding Interview” can help them prepare for any job interview by giving them an inside look into what an interview may be looking for. Students also cited Mark Myer’s “A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript” as a favorite bit of reading material.



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Resource #5: Your fellow devs

Medium: Real-life networking events
Specialization: Connecting with other devs
Description: Montana networking events such as Coffee and Code, Big Sky Dev Con, 1 Million Cups, and Hellgate Venture Network help connect tech enthusiasts around the state.

Why we like it: Connecting with fellow developers in your own state can be a powerful way to work together and make new friends. Missoula’s Coffee and Code Meetup group meets weekly and often tackles projects together. Big Sky Dev Con is Montana Programmers’ statewide conference for software developers, web designers, and business leaders in the technology industry. Other community networking events can connect you with new tech companies and potential job opportunities.

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