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the Montana Code School.

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What makes Montana Code School unique?

With more than 50 code schools throughout the United States, you could choose to attend just about anywhere – but we’re willing to bet you’d like Montana more.

Although Montana Code School’s quality instructors, robust community and lean philosophy make its curriculum world-class, our Missoula and Bozeman campus is really what makes us shine.

While you’re here you’ll live and breathe code; and fill in the gaps with adventure.

Why shouldn't I learn to code online?

Online resources are a great way to build yourself a solid foundation in code, and to get up to speed on the hottest new tools.

However, becoming rock-star developer means a whole lot more than language proficiency. Montana Code School will do everything in our power to teach you the teamwork, innovation and critical thinking skills you need to be a perfect fit in any tech workplace.

Will I need a computer?

If you’re serious about becoming a quality developer, you should make sure that you have a quality machine. Here are our computer requirements for a Mac or a PC.


  • MacBook Pro or MacBook Air
  • OS X 10.10 or newer
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Minimum 60GB of free hard drive space
  • If using PC, Windows 10
  • Linux (our instructor can help you install this)

In case you don’t already own one, Montana Code School has financing opportunities that include funding to purchase one for yourself.

Please contact us directly if you would like more information!

Do I need prior experience?

Montana Code School does not require its participants to have any prior experience writing code – although experienced developers will receive advanced learning opportunities!

However, should you decide to attend a Montana Code School session, we recommend that you complete roughly 40-60 hours of online pre-work intended to let us hit the ground running on day one.

When should I apply?

Right away!

Montana Code School is currently accepting applications for its Full-Time Immersive and Part-Time Immersive sessions and admission will be determined on a rolling basis.

If you are interested in attending a later session, be sure submit your application early, and stay in touch! We accept applications months in advance, and will gladly hold a spot in the next session for you while you prepare to attend.

Can I visit campus?

Yes! Montana Code School sessions are currently held at Montana Technology Enterprise Center (1121 East Broadway) in Missoula and at Blue Ocean Innovation Center (1820 West Lincoln Street) in Bozeman.

Get in touch with us directly to schedule a visit to Missoula or Bozeman – we will gladly show you around.

Will the Montana Code School prepare me to enter the professional workforce?


Montana Code School is committed to ensuring that students learn everything they need to be an effective member of modern startup and tech business teams. Our curriculum is tirelessly evolving to incorporate the most powerful and popular programming systems used at today’s most successful companies.

Furthermore, a number of Montana businesses recruit junior developers directly out of our graduating cohorts. To learn more about these companies, head over to our ‘Students’ page.

Does MTCS emphasize team projects?

Yes we do!

Language proficiency will only get you so far if you don’t know how to collaborate efficiently with other developers. One programmer can only do so much – and it’s imperative that you know how to work together.

Students pitch ideas and form teams to develop their web applications. Projects are focused on real-world problems that Montana businesses and startups face on a daily basis.


Can I chat with program mentors & instructors?

MTCS is more than willing to connect you directly with our experienced instructors and mentors should you wish you discuss any course-related material before you apply! Please contact us directly using our submission form and we will get you in touch.

MTCS believes in the power of hands-on training – but we also understand that you’ll have run into problems. Students will have full access to all mentors and instructors during the program duration to ask questions and receive valuable advice.

What is the average cohort size?

MTCS generally sees cohorts ranging from 10 – 15 students and typically runs three to four programs per year.

We have one full-time instructor and a part-time teaching assistant for each session – ensuring that you can get up close and personal attention when you need it!

What kind of salaries do graduates qualify for?

Starting salaries in Montana for entry level programmers are typically in the range of $35,000-$60,000. That might sound lower than you could earn in the Bay Area or New York, or other tech centers in the US. But Montana’s cost of living is significantly lower.

For example according to someone earning $70,000 in San Francisco only need earn $48,296 in Missoula to maintain the same standard of living. Oh, and did we mention minimal commutes, stunning scenery, chilled people and year-round outdoor pursuits right on your doorstep?

What does a typical applicant look like?

MTCS does not require its applicants to have significant prior experience with code.

However, this doesn’t mean we let just anyone join our program! Successful applicants are generally able to demonstrate an aptitude for clear communication, teamwork, critical thinking and accelerated learning. They tend to have clear goals and outcomes in mind when applying, and are relentlessly hard-working in making those goals come to life within the MTCS program.

If you feel like you fit this description, please submit your application as soon as possible – we look forward to reading it!

Is the MTCS a for-profit or a non-profit organization?

The Montana Code School is organized as a program of MonTEC ( which is the University of Montana’s incubator and a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization. All of the people involved in launching the Montana Code School to date have donated their time as volunteers. Any profits will be utilized to provide scholarships or fund development of additional programs.

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