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Part-Time Full Stack JavaScript Developer Missoula, MT Montana Code School (MTCS) is a statewide initiative dedicated to training the state’s next generation of junior developers with 2017 classes being held in Missoula and Bozeman. We offer intensive, full-time and...
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Minimum Viable Products: The Building Blocks for Project Success

MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCTS: THE BUILDING BLOCKS FOR PROJECT SUCCESS In the world of business, deadlines are an integral part of the day to day. For a coder to meet bring a project to the table on schedule they bring forth a product known as the Minimum Viable Product or...
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Montana Code School MVP: Tap Track

A team from this recent 12 week program at the Montana Code School created a website Minimum Viable Product called Tap Track. This website offers value by connecting beer drinking enthusiasts to breweries and beers that other enthusiasts have rated. Users can find...
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Montana Code School Announces Inaugural Graduating Class

11 Students to Graduate from the Montana Code School Friday December 18th, 2015 (Missoula, Mont.) – The Montana Code School announced today its first class will be graduating on Friday December 18th, 2015. The Montana Code School is a community-driven initiative based...
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Montana Code School Open House

The inaugural class of the Montana Code School is near completion, our students have spent countless hours learning and applying full stack web development techniques, languages and principles. It is our pleasure to invite you to meet the students and experience some...
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Montana Code School Launches Two-Day Web Development Workshop
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Montana Code School Veterans Scholarship Fund.
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WHO SHOULD CODE? – Software Sales Staff

Many years ago, I worked for an industry specific web development company. The sales manager did not tell potential clients the truth about the services we could provide, because he didn't understand what the the system could do. To cover for his lack of...
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WHO SHOULD CODE? – Foresters

The forestry industry has a great need for web and app developers. For example, there is a software product called FPS (Forest Projection and Planning System) written by forestry researcher Jim Arney, formerly of the University of Montana. This software is used to...
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WHO SHOULD CODE? – Non-Technical Executives

A Tale of Two Web Development Companies: I've had in-depth experience/conversation with a couple owners of tech companies who outsource off-shore. Company 1: the owner doesn't have much clue as to what goes into a website beyond the marketing aspects. Instead, he...
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WHO SHOULD CODE? – WordPress Developers

OK, many of them, myself being one, do know how to code. But, to pull a quote from the article Jennifer posted below, "I’m a WordPress developer in a world where many ‘good’ developers refuse to read the WordPress codex, ..." it's obvious that many use WordPress to...
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WHO SHOULD CODE? – Project Managers

In my years of teaching small business owners and non-profit staff the process of web development and how to work with a developer, there has been a recurring theme: their frustration in working with a web project manager. Many web development companies hire a project...
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WHY CODE? – You Can Work Anywhere

If you love the small rural town/city you live in, Montana Code School is a great way to learn a skill set that will allow you to work locally, nationally and internationally right from your community. Small towns and city businesses and organizations generally have...
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Montana Code School Accepting Applications
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