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Learn to program in the most beautiful area on the grid. When most people think of Montana, they think of majestic mountains, winding rivers and wide expanses of land. Montana is well known for its outdoor and recreational opportunities, boasting two national parks and activities ranging from hiking, skiing, fishing and hunting to golfing and whitewater rafting. Yet Montana has a thriving tech sector fueled by startups and growing businesses. In fact, one of the fastest growing industries in Montana is high-tech. Learning to program in Montana can lead to some great Montana-exclusive opportunities.

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Learn to program in a booming tech industry.

According to a 2017 report by Montana High Tech Alliance, the projected growth of high-tech businesses is 8 to 10 times the projected statewide growth rate. Montana is also ranked #4 for small business activity and startup activity in small states by population by the Kauffman Foundation. With technology, geography is no longer a barrier. Learn to program at Montana Code School to help open the door to a more satisfying life; you can enjoy Montana’s famous high quality of life while learning to program and pursuing a lucrative career in tech.

Bozeman has already attracted national attention for its growing tech sector. In addition to Oracle, there are numerous businesses in the photonics industry as well as in the Saas and marketing industries. Companies like WisetailPFL, and Elixiter are growing and provide numerous opportunities in tech. In Missoula, companies like ATGSubmittableLumenAd, and TOMIS also work with national and global clients and offer multiple career opportunities.

One of the top concerns for these companies is attracting talent and hiring skilled tech workers. Because of the need for programming talent, several co-founders in the Montana tech industry founded Montana Code School in July 2015. Its first 3-month full-time class in September graduated eleven students in Missoula. Since then, with over ninety graduates, Montana Code School has campuses in Missoula and Bozeman and offers full-time and part-time coding classes. Most of our graduateslearn to program and find jobs in Montana because they want to remain here to enjoy the quality of life it offers.

Montana Code School offers small coding classes with experienced teachers. On average, our classes consist of ten students with an instructor and a teaching assistant. We teach full-stack web development with JavaScript as the main language. We incorporate agile methodologies into every aspect of our teaching which gives our teachers the flexibility to tailor how we teach based on our students’ needs. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and incorporate their own passions and interests into the curriculum.

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Current students enjoying Montana Code School demo day

For example, Austin Slominiski, our Missoula instructor for the part-time class, incorporates his numerous years of experience in art with technology. Mark Buckner, our Bozeman instructor for the full-time class, has several years of experience working in back-end and front-end development in customer service industry before coming to Montana Code School. Georgie Kirschner has a Masters in Business Informatics and brings several years of experience in front-end development to his students in the Bozeman part-time class.

Montana Code School is a nonprofit organization that focuses on quality instruction and small classes in a place that boasts a thriving tech scene with pristine wilderness. The tech community in Montana is growing and is very supportive of code school students that want to learn to program. There’s plenty of opportunities to get to know the local tech businesses. We are committed to our students’ success and have scholarship opportunities for women, Natives, Vets, and people with low incomes. Learn more about scholarships and our classes here.

Our campuses have some of the best outdoor views in the country. One of the main attractions of living in Missoula or Bozeman is that in less than fifteen minutes from downtown, you can be on a hiking trail. In less than thirty minutes from downtown, you can hit the slopes for great skiing. In Bozeman, Yellowstone National Park is just ninety minutes away and offers unparalleled opportunities in backcountry adventures. About ninety minutes from Missoula, Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi in the lower 48 states, offers fishing, boating, and water adventures. Glacier National Park is a scenic three-hour car ride from Missoula. If you are not into outdoor recreation, there are plenty of craft breweries and distilleries, festivals, concerts and great restaurants in both locations.

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Bozeman, Montana

Thanks to technology, people don’t have to sacrifice where they live for their careers. Montana Code School provides a unique opportunity to have a great quality of life and a lucrative career path.