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Part-Time Program

The part-time Immersive course guarantees you will become a full-stack Jr. Web Developer while not having to sacrifice your day job. The course lasts six months, with classes meeting 6pm – 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to having 1 weekend a month, Saturday- Sunday 8am- 6pm dedicated to coding. Keep working your day job or taking classes and feel confident learning code a few nights a week, at the end of the course be ready to start a career or bring new insight to your current one.

Full-Time Immersive Course

Our 12-week full-time immersive program will push you headfirst into the programming world. This rigorous course will have thinking and dreaming in code every day of the week. You will leave the course confident and assured of your skills to be a full-stack Jr. Web Developer. This course includes time with a career advisor to help guide your path after the program along with mock interviews and exposure to real world tech business problems.

What Montana Code School Teaches


JavaScript is the only programming language that works both on the server and in the browser. The Montana Code School will build your understanding of the language while introducing you to Node.js, the most popular backend version of javascript. Built for power and efficiency you will swiftly become comfortable manipulating code server-side.

Agile and Lean Methodologies

The Montana Code School teaches you the latest workplace methodologies, both Agile and Lean. These techniques foster greater team compatibilities and how to meet project deadlines in the most efficient ways.


We explore and build foundational understanding for a variety of data storage tools used in today’s web industry, MongoDB, Redis, and MySQL.


HTML and CSS make up the structure that supports the web. You’ll learn responsive techniques, crucial for modern websites & apps, while also gaining an understanding of web design.

Montana Code School gives its graduates more than an education. Completing either our full-time immersive course or the part-time course gives our students confidence get started in the tech industry. We help our students develop their own online personalities. They workshop resumés together to compose the best and most fitting, engage in mock interviews and have business leaders pose real problems to our classes. Working with the University of Montana, we also provide a career advisor, who helps our students plan for after graduation. Joining the Montana Code School is an opportunity to strengthen current skills or learn new ones.


Employment rate after completing an MTCS immersive course

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The Montana Code School has courses and workshops to turn anyone into a highly employable full-stack Jr. Web Developer.

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