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We want anyone and everyone to take a course through the MTCS. Whether you are a seasoned computer scientist looking to learn another language, a content marketer looking to gain an edge, an english major who wants to learn some web design skills on the side or even a mother or father who wants to learn a new skill and make some money in their free time. The Montana Code School provides ample room for every type of learner and also provides career support for during and after your time at the school.

JavaScript, ES6 and beyond

JavaScript has grown from simple browser manipulation to an almost universal coding context. Montana Code School will give you an in-depth understanding of this universal programming language, as well as the benefits and downsides of it’s architecture. 

  • Callbacks
  • Closures
  • Algorithms
  • Protoypes


HTML and CSS make up the structure that supports the web. You’ll learn responsive techniques, crucial for modern websites & apps, while also gaining an understanding of web design.

  • Front-end Design Best Practices
  • Box Modeling
  • Responsive CSS

Agile & Lean Methodologies

The Montana Code School teaches you the latest workplace methodologies, both Agile and Lean. These techniques foster greater team compatibilities and how to meet project deadlines in the most efficient ways.

  • Team Collaboration
  • Scrums
  • Sprints
  • Red > Green > Refactor


In both our Full-time and Part-time courses, students will learn how to design and implement data structures in both referential and non-referential databases. Through team participation individuals will learn to ineract with these database types through a CLI and eventually through a built out ORM in their own server instance.

  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • MySQL

Version Control

Our students will learn to utilize git and Github to establish good team coding practices for remote work and source control. Github is a development platform that is used to store and manage code bases throughout the entire coding ecosystem.

  • Branch Management
  • Merge Conflicts
  • Forking and Cloning
  • GitHub Best Practices

React and React Native

React is a javascript library, created by Facebook, that handles state and manages a virtual DOM. Students will gain an integral understanding of the various working parts of this cutting-edge library including but not limited to:

  • Components
  • JSX
  • Props & States
  • Component Lifecycle

Course Overview


Team Lift Off

During stage one, you’ll get to know the team of students joining you at MCS, what your days will look like, and a birds-eye perspective on how incremental programming works. When you’re done with Week One, you’ll have a solid understanding of programming from its highest levels and be able to make real changes to code (it’s ok to use your cheat sheet!).

Back-End Development

To be a tried-and-true full stack developer you will need to learn how to build and manage your own servers. Stage three will teach you how to build a server instance through Node.js: a lightweight JavaScript Runtime Environment.

Front-End Development

During stage two, you’ll learn the most popular tools and technologies behind some of the world’s greatest web companies – including HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery JavaScript, React and more. This will be your programming foundation.

Paired Programming

Things start to heat up during stage four. You and a partner will program a project from scratch using what you have learned. You and your partner will be given a real problem Montana businesses face that software can solve – carrying responsibility for both delivering the product and communicating with the client. Nobody will ever give you exact specs for their software – so you’ll learn how to ask the right questions, which will enable you to build the right product.

Team Development

Stage five has, as a capstone assignment, you will be placed into teams tasked with creating your own web apps. It’s up to you and your team to brainstorm what this app will do, how will it function, and who will it help – then build it. This is where you will become truly valuable to an employer. You will learn how to put it all together as a team-oriented, full stack developer capable of seeing issues globally and diving deep to fix any bugs.

Upskill yourself, become comfortable with code, learn the tech language, get promoted, get the job.

Part-Time Course

The part-time Immersive course provides you with the skills to pursue a lifelong career in Web Developer while not having to sacrifice your day job. The course lasts six months, with classes meeting 6pm – 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to having 1 weekend a month, Saturday- Sunday 8am- 6pm dedicated to coding. Keep working your day job or taking classes and feel confident learning code a few nights a week, at the end of the course be ready to start a career or bring new insight to your current one.

Full-Time Immersive Course

Our 12-week full-time immersive program will push you headfirst into the programming world. This rigorous course will have thinking and dreaming in code every day of the week. You will leave the course confident and assured of your skills to be a full-stack Jr. Web Developer. This course includes time with a career advisor to help guide your path after the program along with mock interviews and exposure to real world tech business problems.

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The Montana Code School has courses and workshops to turn anyone into a highly employable full-stack Jr. Web Developer.

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