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Our campus in Bozeman is located in the Blue Ocean Innovation Center. They are a multipurpose space for entrepreneurs, growing businesses, travelers and groups needing conference space. Our small and large conference spaces are utilized by some of the most interesting people, and groups, in Montana and across the US. Call for a complimentary coaching session or use our space to get more done in less time as a coworker or business or individual who needs space.

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Bozeman Campus Instructor: Harold Shinsato

Harold Shinsato is a management consultant, coach and teacher. He has been programming for over 30 years and helped found Montana Code School. Harold co-authored the “OpenSpace Agility Handbook” and software patent 6108698. He has been initiating the use of Agile software development practices since 2001 including teaching eXtreme Programming, being a Scrum Master, giving presentations at Agile conferences like Agile 2011, Agile CultureCon, and AgileOpen events, and multiple trainings from Agile Learning Labs & the Agile Coaching Institute. Harold a certified coach with the ICF. Harold cultivates culture change through “social technologies” that include Open Space Technology (OST), unconferences, co-active coaching, and applying Agile Software approaches to non-technical issues for clients like SAP, Intuit, Capital One, MIT’s Medicine Hackathons, the University of Montana, Oregon State University, the Agile Coaching Institute, and more. He has years of Open Space facilitation experience and sits on board of the Open Space Institute and founded and serves as Executive Director of Montana Agile Culture House which has facilitated culture change in Western Montana through public unconferences.

Start Up Companies in Bozeman

The Montana Code School has become a part of the rising tech industry in Montana. Becoming a part of the Montana Code School will give you access and networking opportunities among the numerous start-up businesses here in Montana. We strive to build a greater community while also training employees and new students to become viable parts of the startup tech businesses here.


The Pulsara platform links entire Emergency Response Teams with a tap — eliminating unnecessary pages, calls, operators, faxes and emails. The Pulsara mission is to transform acute care coordination with telecommunication access services across smart devices.


DropTrip is the world’s first crowdsourced shipping social network – changing the way people, businesses, and communities around the world ship and receive the stuff they want.


ConstructionVault provides a simple and secure system for contractors to accept payments online. In less than a minute of setup, contractors can send professional estimates and invoices to their clients – and clients can print a pdf and pay by mail or securely pay the invoice with a credit card.


Oracle simplifies the IT environment to free up money, time, and resources to invest in innovation. Oracle operates a large campus in Bozeman, and provides a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems.


Wisetail is the next generation Learning Management System (LMS). Their Learning Ecosystem solution makes learning management easier and online learning more engaging.


IgniteFeedback is a widget that enables startups to ask single questions that have higher response rates and provide truly representative data. Their goal is to make it ridiculously easy to learn about customers.