After taking the Tennessee music scene by storm, Vince Scheuerman decided it was time to pack his bags and move to the beautiful state of Montana. Vince had studied engineering in college, and he felt confident in his decision to revisit his technical skills at Montana Code School programming courses.

Vince found his way to Montana Code School, where the challenging twelve-week immersive programming course left him feeling prepared to enter the world of software engineering.

Since graduating, Vince has landed a job at PFL, a well-respected printing company in Montana.

In an interview with SwitchUp, Vince talks more about his background, his experience with Montana Code School programming courses and his advice for jumping into a programming boot camp to become a Software Engineer:

Your educational background is in Mechanical Engineering and it looks like you dedicated a good portion of your career to this field. What made you change tracks to programming in the past year?

Actually, my career up until this point has been as a recording artist under the name Army Of Me. I’ve toured the world as a singer, guitarist/pianist, and songwriter, and release multiple albums since 2000. This past year, I really wanted to make a move from Nashville, TN to the beautiful state of Montana. That had always been a dream of mine since I worked at a fly fishing lodge in Southwest Montana in college. As I planned my move, I realized that in order to make life work in Montana, I’d need to make money aside from my musical pursuits. I found the Montana Code School online, and it sparked the idea of a job in programming.


Do you feel your skills in Mechanical Engineering helped you make the switch into software engineering?

I got my degree from the University of Maryland in Mechanical Engineering. Although I hadn’t done a lot of engineering since I think my technical background and degree gave me the confidence that I needed to learn programming. When I was interviewing for a job, I think that background helped my employer to know that I could continue to learn on the job.

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Tell us about your experience with Montana Code School programming courses. What was an average day like? Did anything about the program surprise you?

The program was a 12-week total immersion in programming with classes from 9-5, Monday – Friday. Every day started with a “stand-up”, and some improv games to get us into the mindset of what we’d be working on that day. And every day we were introduced to new concepts from the world of software development. It was super challenging, and required hard work and perseverance to push through and finally “get it.” About halfway through the course, I didn’t feel very employable, but rather overwhelmed by all the information coming at me. My surprise would be that by the end of the course, I actually did feel somewhat competent as a developer – with, of course, still a lot to learn.


How did Montana Code School programming courses prepare you for life as a Software Engineer?

I gained the realization that I could push through and grasp concepts that seemed so foreign and overwhelming to me. I deal with that on a daily basis, but I keep pushing, growing, and learning.


How did you find your way to Did Montana Code School help you find a job in your new field?

I’d heard about PFL from a friend who lived in Livingston, MT. I’d heard it was a great company. I already loved Livingston and wanted to live there. During Code School, I reached out to a Code School graduate who’d landed a job at PFL. He was kind enough to grab a beer with me and talk about PFL, interviewing, etc. Towards the end of school, I sent an application and got the interview.


What does a normal day at look like for you? What are your daily responsibilities?

Right now, I’m on the support team at PFL. We handle programming related issues that the employees using the internal software have. The ranges from SQL queries to pull information, tracking down software errors, fixing bugs, and programming improvements and features that will make the software more efficient and useful. PFL uses the .NET framework, and the C# language, so although I’m not starting from scratch in terms of concepts, I was starting over using a new language and new dev tools. Lots to learn.


Out of all of the online and local schools, what made you choose Montana Code School?

I went to Montana Code School because I wanted to land a job in Montana. Thankfully, programming is a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed it. And I enjoy PFL and the people I work with.


What makes you most passionate about software development?

It’s a lot of problem-solving, which is fun. I’ve always liked puzzles and brain teasers. So I get paid to figure out that kind of stuff every day.


How do you plan to build your career over the next 5 years?

I plan to keep learning and growing, and gaining more and more proficiency in software development so I can be as useful as possible in my work. I also plan to leave enough time to play & write music and do lots of fly fishing too.

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