We answer the question: What should I do to prepare for code school?

The weeks before your first day of coding boot camp is a great time to get in the right mindset for coding. It is important to prepare for code school, especially if you have never been exposed to the terms, hardware, and trends of the coding community

If you’re new to coding, don’t be intimidated! Our courses are made for beginners, but we suggest you get familiar with a few resources and take the time to start connecting with your cohort. Get a headstart on our fast-paced classes and jump into the curriculum with confidence.

#1 Create a FreeCodeCamp profile and take some courses

FreeCodeCamp is one of our favorite coding resources and the perfect way to prepare for code school. With free courses in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can dip a toe in the water of coding to ensure that it’s right for you. Once you’ve decided to pursue coding, be sure to enroll in a Montana Code School bootcamp course to enjoy the benefits of an immersive coding program: accomplished instructors, a tight-knit cohort, and connections with local businesses and job opportunities. The best part is that you can revisit FreeCodeCamp courses at any time if you need some extra practice.


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#2 Create a GitHub Profile and check out the Git Handbook

GitHub is the internet’s largest community of developers and a place to work on projects collectively. As a new coder, you’ll start by using the tool Git to work with your instructor and your cohort on building projects, which will be uploaded into GitHub. Git tracks changes to code, saving each iteration to make fixing issues easier. More experienced coders, which you’ll be by the end of bootcamp, use GitHub to troubleshoot issues across larger teams and discover new solutions to old problems. GitHub also features favorite apps and tools for devs in their online marketplace. Check out the Git Handbook for a quick introduction to how it works.


#3 Become a member of the Bootcamp’s site/Slack channel and introduce yourself

Skip the awkward first-day ice-breakers and get a headstart connecting with your cohort. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with each other, so find out what you have in common and where you’re all coming from before you even step into the classroom. Team-building is a necessary part of bootcamp, as you’ll lean on your cohort even after graduation. And if you’ve never used Slack before, familiarizing yourself with its features will be a great way to bypass the learning curve and dive right in once class starts.


prepare for code school, how to prepare for code school

#4 Create a Google Calendar outlining when you will code every day

A great way to prepare for code school is getting into a daily coding mindset. As with every new skill, practice makes perfect. You should spend at least two hours coding each day to start training your brain on how to understand and create in this new language. Experts say that giving yourself tangible mini-projects will help your brain focus on and work toward specific goals rather than just sitting down and trying to write code without a direction. Google Calendar has easy, built-in notifications that can be set to remind you to practice. By spending some time coding each day, you’ll pick up this new language in no time.

prepare for code school, how to prepare for code school

#5 Write down personal goals that you want to achieve through Bootcamp

Having tangible, measurable goals can be a powerful motivator as you start a challenging new journey. Take a few minutes before class begins to write down what you’d like to achieve during and after bootcamp. Throughout the course, revisit your goals to ensure you’re staying on track. If you find yourself deviating, be sure to talk with our instructors or your fellow students– everyone wants you to succeed. And with your eyes on the prize, obstacles in the path won’t seem as insurmountable. Soon enough, you’ll be able to look back at all you accomplished before forging ahead toward new goals.


If you are ready for a career change, join code school and become Code Savvy! Apply today!