Learn to code under the Big Sky


Learn to code under the Big Sky

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Learn how to code, gain exposure to the tech industry, and become an employable full-stack Jr. Web Developer. We teach the fundamentals of JavaScript and the latest trends in the tech industry.


Help train Montana’s next generation of development talent. Schedule Interviews, post jobs and upskill your employees. Work with Montana Code School to foster growth in Montana’s tech division.


Play a part in developing our students, meet our classes, attend demo days, mentor classes. Our graduates come ready to bring insight and an eagerness to solve problems.

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Learn how to become a mentor, find more information on our weekend workshops or simply speak to a team member about what we do.

Montana Code School gives its graduates more than an education. Completing either our full-time immersive course or the part-time course gives our students confidence to get started in the tech industry. We help our students develop their own online personalities. They build resumés, engage in mock interviews and learn great teamwork principles. Joining the Montana Code School is an opportunity to strengthen current skills or learn new ones.


Employment rate after completing an MTCS immersive course

What is Montana Code School?

The Montana Code School is dedicated to training the state’s next generation of junior developers with 2017 classes being held in Missoula and Bozeman.

We offer intensive, fully-immersive coding boot-camp programs and a part-time course designed to produce or enhance highly employable software developers ready to work in Montana’s thriving community of startups and tech businesses. We want everyone to be involved, from any background and with any or no experience programming.  The training Montana Code School offers can get you into a position where you can potentially increase  your salary working in the tech field.

A few testimonials from recent graduates.

Prior to joining the community at the Montana Code School, I had been surviving via working in the service industry in Missoula, MT.  While my work experience provided great insight into human resources and leadership roles, I had hit the ceiling with no further room to grow.  Upon learning about what the Code School had to offer, I was eager to begin an entirely new chapter.  My time spent during the second cohort at MTCS (Missoula, MT), provided me with the fundamental building blocks into the world of web development.  I was challenged with new patterns of logical processes that stimulated me in ways that had not been present for quite a while.  I truly felt a new door opening with a multitude of possibilities awaiting me in the tech market. Upon successfully graduating the program, I was selected to assist with the inaugural MTCS cohort in Bozeman, MT.  I was fortunate enough to continue to enhance my leadership abilities, by providing day-to-day assistance for our newest students.  This in turn allowed to me to further my knowledge of the program and find the appropriate resources for the success of the cohort.  My time spent with the Montana Code School has been nothing short of valuable and life changing.  I am eager to see what the future holds for our students, as well as the industry eagerly awaiting our graduates.

Lauren Nichols

Implementation Consultant, ATG

I thoroughly enjoyed the Intro to JavaScript weekend boot camp. It not only helped give me insight into some basics of JavaScript but it helped give me the confidence I was looking for in that I can learn to code and that I would enjoy taking on this skillset! The environment was a fun and safe learning atmosphere that enabled group learning which I received so much benefit from that I want to implement the mob approach into more of our team learning at work! Thank you again for the awesome weekend, I look forward to working with Montana Code School more!

Christina Lewis

QA Manager, Schedulicity Inc.

Montana Code School was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend MTCS because of how immerse the course was along with the great instructors and job preparation. Seeing my skill level increase week by week was unbelievably satisfying. Be prepared to eat, sleep and breath coding for 12 weeks!

Mike Hohne, Software Developer,

Code School is the way to go! I couldn’t imagine trying to learn these skills any other way. It’s completely immersive, i found myself dreaming about code at night. Best piece of advice I could give is to hand yourself over to the process and don’t gauge yourself against your peers (everyone learns at a different pace).

Shawn Farnum, Software Development Intern at Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply

Companies that have hired our Alums

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Printing For Less
Partners Creative
Montana Code School
Cedar Mountain Software
Advanced Technology Group
Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply
SDA Tax Lien Software Design and Analytics
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The Montana Code School has courses and workshops to turn anyone into a highly employable full-stack Jr. Web Developer.

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