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Be a part of our twelve-week full-time immersive programming course.  Become well-versed in modern web development practices and declare yourself “CodeSavvy.”


Don’t quit your day job! Montana Code School’s part-time coding courses meet at night and 1 weekend a month. Sharpen your current development skills or the fundamentals you need to land a job as a full-stack Jr. Web Developer.

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Play a part in developing our students, meet our classes, attend demo days, and mentor coding classes. The graduates of our programming boot camp come ready to bring insight and an eagerness to solve problems.


Get involved in the coding community around Montana. Find more information on our weekend workshops, sign up for the newsletter or speak to a team member about our programming boot camp.

MTCS gives graduates more than an education.

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Completing either our full-time immersive coding course or the part-time coding course gives our students confidence to get started in the tech industry. We help our students develop their own online personalities. They workshop resumés, engage in mock interviews, and learn great teamwork principles. Joining Montana Code School is an opportunity to strengthen current skills or learn new ones while discovering more tech careers than meet the eye.

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What is
Montana Code School?

The Montana Code School is dedicated to training the state’s next generation of “CodeSavvy” residents with 2018 classes being held in Missoula and Bozeman.  We offer intensive, fully-immersive coding boot-camp programs and part-time programming courses designed to produce or enhance highly employable software developers ready to work in Montana’s thriving community of startups and tech businesses. We want everyone to be involved, from any background and with any or no experience programming.  This training offers a set of skills and a mindset that allows a person to adjust to the rapidly changing, high-paying tech industry. With these skills an individual can signifigantly increase their chances of becoming employed in a lifelong tech career.

Montana Code School is the way to go! I couldn’t imagine trying to learn these skills any other way. It’s completely immersive, I found myself dreaming about code at night. Best piece of advice I could give is to hand yourself over to the process and don’t gauge yourself against your peers (everyone learns at a different pace).

Shawn Farnum

Software Developer, Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply


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Programming Courses opened up new opportunities for Lauren to embrace uncomfortable. Math was not Lauren Nichols’ friend in school. Luckily for Lauren, being good at math isn’t the secret ingredient to her success as a consultant on ATG’s software engineering team....

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Coding Courses and Career Changes: Alumni Spotlight

Luke Walawander, Montana Code School graduate and Director of Ad Operations, LumenAd “Where else can you completely change your career and pivot that quickly?” Luke said. “It’s a huge opportunity for those who are not aware of it. Coding is exciting.”   Montana...

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After taking the Tennessee music scene by storm, Vince Scheuerman decided it was time to pack his bags and move to the beautiful state of Montana. Vince had studied engineering in college, and he felt confident in his decision to revisit his technical skills at...

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The Montana Code School has courses and workshops to turn anyone into a highly employable full-stack Jr. Web Developer.

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